About Us

The Highwood Bocce Club was established in 1969 and has been growing and improving ever since, giving generations of players the opportunity to enjoy the finest courts and equipment. Recently, we brought in the firm of Aurelio Colleoni from Gorgonzola, Italy to install world-class surfaces on all our indoor courts.

We have hosted the U.S. National championships, and were chosen to be the site of the first World Cup event ever held in America. When visiting Chicago to sing at the Lyric Opera, tenor and bocce-fanatic Luciano Pavarotti made sure to come to the courts to play a little bocce.

The objectives of the HBC are to:

  • promote the game of bocce and to disseminate information pertaining to the same;
  • educate the public about the game of bocce;
  • provide social activities for the members;
  • create awareness of Italian Heritage and Culture


If you have any questions or suggestions about this website or the club, please visit our CONTACT page and let us know…